Country Haven Kennels & Dog Park

We first met Abbey in the Summer of 2011 when she came in with money she had raised selling her toys and clothes.  She wanted to use that money to make our foster dogs lives' better!  She bought raised beds for them and then used the leftover money to donate things from the Burlington County Animal Shelter's Wishlist.  Ever since then Abbey has helped out with one shift a week caring for our residents and guests. Outside of the kennel, Abbey is a stand out talented gymnast who also loves her life growing up on a farm.  What an amazing young lady!

Haley has had a love for animals ever since she was little. She's always had a house full of dogs. She loves working at the kennel and caring for the dogs. (It's much more fun than cutting bagels). When she's not working or in school she loves going on adventures with her golden retriever Yoda.

Chelsey has always had a passion for animals and wanted an animal related job.  She is a 2016 BCIT Medford graduate with a Certified Veterinarian Assistant certification which she used at one of her past jobs as a vet tech at a local vet clinic.  She enjoyed her time there, and learned many useful skills (like handling techniques) but says she loves the one on one connection she gets with the dogs working here.  Chelsey will be working toward degrees that can help her achieve her dream of becoming an animal cop!  When she isn't at work or school, she enjoys driving her lifted F-150, riding quads, and attending bonfires.

Kendra works full time Monday-Friday at a Screen Printing Company and dedicates her weekends when able at the Kennel. She's rescued a couple of dogs that we've fostered at the kennel. She has a love for all types of dogs, but has a soft spot for Pitbulls. She has two of her own. Kendra also loves curling up on the couch with a good book, horror movies and spending time with her daughter and husband.

Although Rob has a very successful full time career of his own, he still makes time to take care of the kennel in numerous areas as Head of Maintenance, Security, Collections, and various other departments within the company.  He's brilliant, patient, and strong, and the dogs generally are drawn to him.  All of our snow removal, tree removal, and future fence building will be thanks to him as well!  Without Rob's skill and expertise, this place definitely couldn't function as smoothly as it does!  Rob enjoys hunting, fishing,  working on anything with a motor, and of course spending time with his little boy Robbie (who is just like his Dada)

Sierra graduated from BCIT Veterinary Assistance of Technology program in 2015 and is now getting her Veterinarian Technician Certification.  She is CPR and first aid certified for canines and felines and experienced in grooming and handling/restraint.  She says, "I enjoy my job the most because I love  caring for and loving all the animals as if they were my own."  We love the sweet way that Sierra talks to all the dogs too :D  Outside of work and school, Sierra can often be found cruising around in her sweet little car or attending dirt bike and car events.

Country Haven Kennels & Dog Park is more than a clean, secure facility.  It's people who love dogs doing everything they can to keep their guests comfortable and happy while they're boarding with us.  Each of us brings a unique blend of experience and love to the table.

Our People

Born in New York, but raised in East Windsor, New Jersey from the age of three.  Kathy spent her youth in the corn fields and mud (much to her mother’s chagrin) that are now an industrial area.  She began rescuing German Shepherds in her early twenties and spent twelve years helping abused and neglected shepherds to a better life.  Dozens of shepherds were in her care during that time; personally she had two in her pack.  A bi-black female named Doc and a rescued blonde male named Morgan.  Morgan was removed from a home in Newark, NJ that starved and beat him to near death. He recovered well and they both lived to the age of 12.  When she lost her beloved shepherds to old age, she could not get another and turned to the Great Dane.   She has now had five Great Danes and is currently working with a severe abuse case, who is progressing nicely.  She began training; kenneling and exercising her dogs at the Country Haven Kennels & Dog Park in 2007 and spends as much time as possible at Country Haven. 

Vanessa left the corporate world in 2010 to  pursue happiness working with dogs!  She has been working in doggy daycares and grooming facilities ever since.  She adopted Ernie from the first group of Puppy Mill rescue dogs we fostered for All They Need Is Love Animal Rescue in November 2011.  Ernie surely has come a long way from his small cage in a Midwestern Puppy Mill thanks to Vanessa's love and commitment!  Vanessa also loves nature, yoga, classic films, and adult coloring books.

Casey, the owner and dreamer behind Country Haven Kennels & Dog Park, has been an animal lover all her life.  As a child, she used to ask neighbors if she could walk their dogs and begged her parents for a family dog.  As an adult, she's studied dog training and behavior, worked as a pet sitter and in doggy daycares, and she trained and volunteered with Paws For People Therapy Dog program with two of her pit bulls.   It was her dream come true to own and operate her own business caring for animals.  Casey loves to help rescue dogs find their forever home, and she has personally adopted a couple dogs through the kennel and helped many others find their Happily Ever After.   She oversees everything and lives on site with her husband Rob, son Robbie, and pets.  This place is her little slice of Heaven.

Ashley graduated from RV in 2016. She's always loved animals and was a little scared of them before she started working at the kennel and now she loves them all so much. Every chance she gets with the dogs is always a fun experience for her. She has learned so much from Casey and the whole staff while working here. In the future she's planning on either studying to be a Physician's Assistant or maybe even a Veterinarian. 

Deanna has volunteered for the Burlington County Animal Shelter for 4 years. She is co-coordinator of the socialization and evaluation program, the volunteer dog coordinator, and dog a Sfoster. She cares deeply for all animal welfare but her specific passion is to educate people on pit bulls to foster more adoptions, reduce unwanted liters, and bring positive awareness to the breed. She is a foster failure with her current dog as well as a shelter cat owner.