Country Haven Kennels & Dog Park

Doggy Daycare is an increasingly popular way to help your dog deal with excess energy and stay social while you're busy during the day.  It's lovely to come home from a long day and have a satisfied dog -as opposed to a mess in the house from a bored dog who is still full of energy.  Many Daycares keep large numbers of dogs in one space for the bulk of the day.  Our daycare program is a little different.  We feel that we can serve more dogs (and therefore their people) by hosting small play groups of dogs, hand selected based on size and play style.  Not everyone can handle being with 50 dogs for 8 hours a day, and that's ok.  We feel it is safer and more fun for everyone to break the groups down into something manageable and enjoyable.  For this reason, there is down time in our daycare program.  We rest in the afternoon, and when they're not playing in their play groups, all dogs have their own climate controlled run and water bucket inside.

As the demand for daycare increases, we're doing our best to accommodate what our customers need.  This includes an earlier drop off time for daycare dogs than our usual 9 am office hours (by appointment for now). We ask that you reserve your daycare dates with us in advance so that we can accurately plan our day.  We operate at or near capacity much of the time.  Please call the office for more information weekdays 9-12/5-7pm 609-702-5610

Daycare rates are $20/day or $15 if you come more than 4 days in a week or buy our 10 day pass 

Daycare is available Monday-Friday except for Holidays and brief closings for maintenance and staff vacation during off peak season. Dates for these closures are to be determined, and will be posted in advance. Fridays in the summer often book up quickly due to boarding guests coming in for their weekend stays, so availability may be limited.

All dogs must be dog friendly and up to date on their Rabies vaccine.  If a puppy is too young to have had the vaccine, please consult with your vet about the risks vs. the rewards and then give us a call.

If you are interested in creating your own account in our software system, feel free to set up your own file here!  There is no need to include credit card information.  We do not currently have the feature to allow customers to request dates enabled, but you can control the content of your account with your own log in information. :)  You can upload your vaccine information directly to your online account or fax 609-702-5600 or email or bring a hard copy into the office.